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Whitening of Discolored Teeth

Teeth whitening also called as bleaching procedure. Discoloration may result from deposits that adhere firmly to the tooth, medication (such as amoxicillin- clavulanic acid, tetracycline, erythromycin, iron supplements etc.), excessive fluoride exposure during tooth development, stains due to chromatogenic food substances, habits like tobacco, pan chewing. Depending on the cause, enamel stains may appear yellow, brown, black and white spots.

In Office Bleaching

Dentist use acids (10% carbamide peroxide) that act over the stains and help in lightening the shade of the tooth color. Desired color change is obtained in 2-3 sittings.

At Home Bleaching

Dentist provides you custom made trays and bleaching agents. You have to apply the given agent onto the tray and seat the tray into your mouth. You have to wear the tray minimum for 2 hours to maximum 8 hours during night time. Desired results will be obtained in 6- 8 weeks time.